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I ‘ve been a support worker with Vine Recruitment since 2018 and feel very positive about my day-to-day experiences with the company.

I approached Vine Recruitment after my friend recommended them as a source of work. I gave them a ring and I came into their Oxford office to meet them. I had a good feeling about our initial meeting and have been happy to work with them ever since. I would say their communication with staff is very good, and when you call them, they are always helpful.

They are good to work with and they look after staff very well. For example, there was one occasion when my timesheet hadn’t been submitted and they called to let me know. In some agencies, if that happens, that’s the end of it and you don’t get paid. Vine took the time to let me know and they take a personal interest in us and our well-being.


OlawoleSupport worker